Michael Phelps Has No Business Apologizing for Taking Bong Hits

Absolutely wrong. I think the fight for the legalization of marijuana is gaining some momentum. But here’s my stance on the matter.People in the public eye have a responsibility to uphold an image of moral integrity. This may not seem fair, but it’s the price of fame. Children are highly susceptible to the influences of public figures, from Hollywood celebrities and politician.s The last thing I want to hear out of my kid’s mouth is, “But Dad, I can smoke weed, Michael Phelps does it! And look at him, he’s an Olympic athlete!”

We already have one substance that is plenty legal, and it alters a person’s mood and behavior. It’s called alcohol. Now, it’s bad enough that there are people who get drunk and start engaging in deviant and or criminal behaviors. If you start to legalize weed, it’ll give people even more options for being idiots.

Why don’t I like weed? See, you can’t really smoke weed because you like the flavor. You smoke weed to benefit from the mood altering qualities that come from being high on weed. Alcohol on the other hand, in and of itself will not intoxicate you up to a certain point. That depends on your individual physiology. Which is why I can accept the consumption of alcohol. You can have a drink, have a beer because it’s refreshing. But there is only one reason to smoke weed: to get high.Recreational use of marijuana is acceptable to me. I don’t like it, I don’t use it, and I don’t trust people who use it. I personally don’t like people who use weed and I don’t associate myself with them, save for a very rare exception, which I won’t get into here. But it’s acceptable that others use it. However, I think it’s important to consider the impact of the legalization of marijuana. I feel that if marijuana is going to made legal to smoke for recreational purposes, we have to be very careful to keep in mind the safety of the public as well as quality of life issues. There are already laws regarding public intoxication and open container laws for alcohol, and I think that we should enact similar laws to apply to marijuana.One thing that I am concerned about: driving while under the influence. We have breathalyzers to test for blood alcohol content, evidence that is admissible in court. However, I am not aware of any way to test the whether or not someone is high under the influence of marijuana. Until we find a way to test that in the field, I don’t think we can safely legalize weed.