I started gaining an interest in my audience on this blog. I read more about blogging and all that nonsense, came across some Tim Ferriss video on blogging (I can’t remember for the life of me whereI found it). Anyway, he used crazyegg to find out where his visitors were clicking. I have absolutely no reason to pay for this service, so I went about looking for an alternative. That’s when I came across this wonderful plugin called WP-Clickmap.

The problem is that my clickmap is misleading. You see, it generates an overlay. This overlay is static. However, my blog is (AFAIK) fluid, so when I resize my browser the overlay stays in place, but the hotspots no longer match up with the links beneath them.

I asked the author about it, but for some reason he deleted my comment. Dunno. Looks like I’ll be putting this one in the bin for now. It’s useless if I can’t figure out how to accurately line up the clickmap overlay with my site.