I used to care about things like my Klout score and how much traffic my blog gets. It was the stamp of an amateur. I no longer care about things like that. It was fun to see my Twitter follower countsurpass 1,000, but it doesn’t matter so much any more how many followers I have. I now use Twitter to simply announce my new posts, just in case someone might see them, and to spout my random thoughts as a sort of microblog. Instead of using Twitter to network, I just use it to serve my own needs.

Even so, it can never hurt to try to reach a wider audience. That’s why I am posting this link: Follow my blog with bloglovin.

So-called pro-bloggers say that you should just blog about what you have a passion for and a following will naturally arise. I doubt that, at least in regards to my own blog. I feel that I’m far too esoteric and irrelevant for popular consumption. I don’t try very hard (or at all) to keep up with blogging trends or anything like that. These are, put most simply (but not concisely), the obtuse observations of a wistful writer. I enjoy the simple fact that I have carved out a little bit of my own space on the Internet. I don’t care about readership or traffic or analytics. I blog for purely selfish reasons. It is my catharsis and a record of my points of view during various points of my life.In short, I am returning to the origins of the blog.