[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E2X9sUh2PWo&hl=en&fs=1&rel=0]
The video in itself is not what’s important. Rather, go view the comments. Or don’t. It’s a painful experience. Here’s a sample of what I’m talking about…

What, do you think this Annis going to think you’re such a nice guy, that she’s going to send you a message over YouTube?

wow ur cute
you Look so Cute ! =)
Wow, you’re really hot!
I don’t care about Iphone or E 71 , i think both looks very elegant in you sweet Hand , i like u
ur very cute!
holy moly are you cute…
your just too hottt! I want a E71!!!!
dang youra cutie.

Hey gorgeous, brave review :p
nice girl:)
you are realy sweat!!:-X
Hmm.. It appears to me that you’re sort of cute.
Hello Ann you are lovely by the way.
btw ure hella cute
definitely very very cute!
wow… i came to watch the review but DAIMMM! you’re hot!
hey ur really very beautiful……..
how did i fall in love with this chick while watchin this video.
you are hot…….

I cringe every time I see this. I want to cry, and then I get mad. But mostly I want to cry. It just blows my mind: WHY DO GUYS FEEL COMPELLED TO COMMENT ON ANN’S BEAUTY???

Okay, so if a very attractive woman walks down the street, it still makes some kind of sense that you would hoot at her or do some other very idiotically cro magnon thing to try to get her attention. After all, if you succeed, she just might be attracted to you instantly and try to mate with you. Yeah, right.

But see, here on the Internet, it doesn’t make any sense at all. What, do you think this Ann is going to think you’re such a nice guy, that she’s going to send you a messageover YouTube? Then maybe you can start emailing each other and IMing each other, and then it’ll blossom into some kind of beautiful long distance romance?

What compels these peons to waste their keystrokes on such absurd comments? I’m sure that she gets enough attention in the real world as it is. We don’t need to feed her ego any more by bowing ourselves to this goddess of beauty. For crying out loud, do you have nothing better to do than express how low your jaw dropped?

These are the kinds of people who hem and haw around pretty women and celebrities. Absolute beta males, and I can’t stand them. I don’t even know why. Maybe it’s that they’ve got no self-respect or sense of self-worth. Handing out empty compliments to some anonymous girl over the Internet? COME ON. You gotta be kidding me. KEEP YOUR FUCKING SHIRT ON, have some dignity.

Here’s my message to all guys out there: STOP MAKING THESE STUPID COMMENTS ON THE INTERNET ABOUT BEAUTIFUL WOMEN. It just makes you look like a pissant, and it announces to the world that you are a virgin. And not one of the good ones: the ones that are virgins because they cannot get laid. So not only do you paint a big sign on yourself announcing to the world that you are probably going to rub one out in the shower later thinking about Ann, it serves absolutely no purpose to waste your time typing out how pretty you think she is. Instead of sitting around at home in your boxers and watching YouTube videos that have hot girls in it, go do something productive. Go make a sandwich, go read a book, ride a bike, play a game. Anything but this degrading groveling.