Tabitha Mullings her lost hands, legs to illness, then lost prostheses to thief – [PDF]

A Brooklyn single mom fell suddenly ill last year, damaging all four limbs and her eyesight. And then in thespring, a heartless thief stole her prosthetic hands from her car. Despite all of this, she lives her life and has a fiancé.

A deeply touching story that evoked an actual emotional reaction from me when I read it. The mere fact that this woman carries on with her daily living is quite something. And then I read about Mr. Davis who gives her his unconditional love. Indeed there are good men out there who are capable of great compassion, a deep and caring love. This is where I damn nearly start tearing up. Mr. Davis, I raise my glass to you: cheers for being one of the few good men left on this earth. It’s always encouraging to see some semblance of goodness in people.

See, I’m not a miserable prick looking for excuses to be a miserable prick.

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