After ignoring the statistics about my blog for a while, I finally returned to them after something (I don’t remember what) incited my curiosity. Apparently, most of my readers are single men betweenthe ages of 18-50 who have graduated college with a Bachelor’s, though I seem to attract more grad school folks than average. With a readership that consists mostly of white people, apparently I also have a more than average Asian following. Altogether, these folks don’t make much money, topping out at $60,000 a year. Of course, the validity of all these statistics are questionable, though I do believe they’ll get more accurate with time.
The original title of this blog was “Angry Young Man and the Kitchen Sink: The Obtuse Observations of a Wistful Writer”. Yes, it was more than quite a mouthful, which is why I shortened it to its current title. Even in its shortened form it’s kind of a lengthy, but we all know I tend to be rather verbose. Anyway, the title was inspired by the Angry Young Man film genre that originated from Britain. According to Wikipedia, the style was as follows: “[the] political views were seen as radical, sometimes anarchistic, and they described social alienation of different kinds. They also often expressed their critical views on society as a whole, criticising certain behaviours or groups in different ways.” And this set the tone for most of my writings. I see myself as a young man alienated and isolated from society, refusing to take a part of ‘the system’, and always critical of the ways things are set up in our world.It appears that my audience fits the description of an angry young man: working class men who do not have children. Of course, I take these statistics with a grain of salt. Just for my own amusement though, I took the liberty of checking outsomeother websites. According to Quantcast, the New York Times website is visited mostly by older, well educated and affluent men who don’t have children, with a higher than average Asian readership. The Saks website (also with higher concentration of visits from Asian folks) is visited largely by middle aged ladies who are, as one might guess, well educated with money to spare and unfettered by the burden of having children. This makes me wonder if it’s just that Asian people use the internet more than others. I kid of course.In contrast, pornographic website Bang Bros attracts less affluent and uneducated young men with children, mostly black and Hispanic fellows. Going with the theme of salacious material, escort review website The Erotic Review is viewed primarily by middle aged Asian men who are wealthy and educated.

With all these other samples, I suppose one could find a certain validity in such measures of the demographic: it wouldn’t be unreasonable to imagine each demographic being the leading group to visit those sites. All those sites that I mentioned (along with others that I didn’t) are only estimates though, compared to this blog, which Quantcast directly quantifies. I suppose I’ll just take their word for who reads my blog.

As for the future of this blog…I did dip my toes into the whole monetization thing, I didn’t really think it would work out for me. I should probably expand the scope of my writings, do a little more creative writing. One of the things I have to realize about the artistic process of writing is that writers must write. And it’s only from the mountains of pieces they’ve written that a writer can find a gem. I’m trying to brainstorm more topics to write on…nothing comes to mind at the moment, but I might find something. I’m sure I will.