I’ve been Wistful Writer for too long. I crafted this blog in a very specific fashion, keeping in the same tone and content for quite a while now. And I feel that I’ve run out of things to say as WistfulWriter. The real me is far more than this dark mass of wistfulness. Frankly, I filter a lot of myself out of this blog. What you see here is a very specific character that I’ve written. Sure, it’s the real me, but then there’s other facets of the real me that I don’t really express here.

So in the interest of branching out and expanding my writing abilities, and in the interest of my self-expression, I’ve launched another blog. And in the interest of identity management, I probably won’t disclose where it is, though I will hint the title describes a type of shepherd. I am greatly confident that nobody will find it though.

With that said, I’m off to embark on an adventure to express myself as a different character. Don’t worry folks, this isn’t a goodbye. I’ll still be here, bitching about the world and wagging my finger at everyone. I just need a break from myself.