Vaja CHOICE Classic Folder - Outside
So I’ve got my suit (much requested photos will appear in the following couple of weeks, perhaps on my alternate character’s blog). I have my Prada briefcase, which I love. The only thing is that it’sa little hefty, and more often than not, I don’t need to carry all that much with me anyway. A pen, my cahier notebook, a novel, and my MacBook Air. Especially because I like to travel light, it doesn’t make sense for me to carry a large briefcase with me.

For example, when I go to class, I take notes in my little cahier, and I carry the book by hand (or it’s on my iPhone Kindle app). I occasionally bring my MacBook Air, so that I can write after my classes. So I went on the hunt for a leather folder/portfolio that could house my MacBook Air in addition to some papers.

I ended up finding the beautiful Vaja CHOICE series of leather goods. They offer many different products, but let’s just focus on me. The first case I looked at was the iVolution Leather Suit. It’s an incredibly attractive looking case, being fashionable while remaining functional. Of course, with that, I would have to stuff my papers in between my closed MacBook Air. I was very tempted though. Because there are many color and leather options, it felt almost as fun as picking out the details of my bespoke suit.Vaja CHOICE Classic Folder - InsideInstead, I went with the Classic Folder. It fits my needs perfectly. There is a slot to stuff papers into, which is one of the biggest reasons I’m getting a case for my MacBook Air in the first place. It doesn’t look as pretty as the iVolution Leather Suit, but hey, ‘function over form’ is one of the rules I try to follow. There were no color options for this folder aside from the color of the leather, but that’s okay: I would’ve picked black everything anyway. Natch, if there were subtle accents, I would’ve chosen burgundy. I also added, just for fun, a little personalization that says, “BESPOKE FOR WISTFUL WRITER”, the same way I have tags on all parts of my suit that say the same thing.As with all luxurious and awesome things, I’ll have to wait 35 days until I get my leather case. I still have to get an interesting pocket square to go with my suit. Tomorrow, when I go to pick up my custom shoes, I might be ordering a couple of shirts as well. I might’ve mentioned it, but I’m thinking of dressing down the suit with a black shirt with single cuffs. I’ll have it designed to be short enough to wear untucked as well, so that I get more use out of the shirt. I’ll need another white shirt, perhaps this one with normal cuffs (as I’ve already got one with French cuffs) and with a pocket. Lastly, I may want a light blue shirt, though I’m not sure how good it looks with my suit.

Sigh…not to be sexist or anything, but I’ve taken to clothes and accessory shopping like a woman would.