Trying to fill up my time while I stay awake to fix my delayed sleep phase disorder, I was reading an article on with an excerpt saying: “Before buying a pricey blazer that looks 2 sizes toosmall, learn the ins and outs of getting one that actually fits.” I snorted and thought, “Forget that….get it bespoke.”

Then I read that suggests that fat men should “avoid one- and two-button blazers.” Again, I thought that one could simply get a bespoke suit.

This is the moment I realized that I turned into a snob. I need to stop saying “bespoke suit”. I have to stop thinking about my suit.

I still am looking for more versatility in my bespoke suit (there I go). As it stands, I much prefer wearing the waistcoat. But I tried my suit on with a black shirt sans waistcoat and found that it was a very workable look. It was less formal, and a little edgier I suppose. When I go in to pick up my shoes on Friday, I think I’ll order a couple of shirts as well. I’m thinking one black shirt with single cuffs: this way I can further up the ante by wearing burgundy silk knot cufflinks. As for the second shirt, I’m not quite sure yet…I tried a light blue shirt with the suit and somehow it just looks off. I feel that my suit is not deep enough a black to wear with the light blue. But if not light blue, then what? I don’t think pink works with my skin tone, nor would I seriously consider it. Perhaps I will stick with good old black and white.On another note, I get plenty of looks from both men and women. An awesome suit will do that. But interestingly enough, I get more looks from women when I wear my three-piece with a tie. Now, some people might find it a fashion faux pas to wear a suit complete with waistcoat and French cuff shirt without a tie, but I personally like the look. And hey, Patrick Jane does it (albeit without a French cuff apparently).