In early December, the B key on my keyboard broke. The stem of the key cap fractured and I was left typing without the use of the letter B. Okay, well, not really. The contact was fully functional andI was able to type despite the absence of the key (I ended up striking the stem with my finger tip). I had contacted SteelSeries about it. The keyboard is an essential part of the computer, and being handicapped by the broken keycap was not something I wanted to experience on a daily basis. After an extremely lengthy waiting process of non-response on the part of SteelSeries, I got fed up and had to buy a new keyboard. I ended up purchasing the FILCO Majestouch Blue.

Via direct message on Twitter, @SteelSeries had previously asked for my email address to see if there was something they could help me with, and I simply replied that somebody had already responded to my ticket. All I needed was a simple keycap replacement. Since they apparently could not find keycaps for replacement, they promised me a new keyboard. I was quite pleased. However, nobody had responded after over two weeks or so since they last made that promise.Of course this annoyed me even more. I have very low tolerance for bad customer service. Businesses should revolve around customer service because it’s the customer’s money that they’re taking. Anyway, I decided that I would try the Twitter route again.This time, everything was set in motion. In fact, SteelSeries promised me a little something extra for all the aggravation I went through. Today, I opened the package to find a SteelSeries Siberia In-Ear Headset!

I was quite happy to say the least. SteelSeries went above and beyond to make a customer happy, and they have restored my faith in them as a company. To be honest, because of the complete lack of support, I was determined to never purchase SteelSeries again. I also stopped recommending them whenever anybody asked me to help them design a computer system. But today, I must say that money can buy my love. Remember, my old SteelSeries 7G was working fine and merely required a replacement key. They sent me a brand new keyboard, plus a nice shiny new headset to top it off. It was a simple gesture of good will, but by golly it sure as heck meant something to me. Then again, I’m not one to hold a grudge. I forgive very easily.

Thank you SteelSeries, for making things right!