So, I decided that I would start a new section of my blog. It is entitled A Discourse on Film and Cinema. Mostly, this was a decision driven by my desire to have aesthetic variety. While I enjoy thecurrent blog design of The Obtuse Observations of a Wistful Writer – what with its nifty pulpy mass paperback novel-inspired background, coffee stain, and Dewey Decimal card – I have always had a hankering to stick with one of the earliest iterations.

It was a dark theme: a dark background with an appropriately dim gray to ease long form viewing on a computer screen, especially when the sun is down. It served me well for quite a while, but my creativity demanded a new look for the blog, and after several changes, I created this Dewey Decimal theme.

This Dewey Decimal theme is good for long form reading of the literary type. But it doesn’t really work that well with slick images and all. Because most of my content is text-based, that won’t be much of an issue. But after writing The Shutter Island Mystery: A Visual Analysis, I decided that I could very well use a microsite for my film writings. After all, the main website is a repository of my writerly writings.So the film microsite will be home to my commentaries, analysis, and reviews of the variety of films I end up watching. It’s an effort to reengage my cinematic influences and to aid as a form of discipline in writing critically.Anyway, you can visit the new microsite here: Enjoy!