That’s what I get when I’m near you
You’re my greatest temptation
Darling you, you, you

Sincerely, I will always be true
Save my love for only you
Darling come into my heart

DarlingI’m falling
Calling, for the one I adore
Just you, and nothing more

Here comes those sensations
And here’s your invitation
To stay within my heart

You know, my darling and I know
That we know, that our love is here to stay
Forever, and the day

May nothing else replace them
My darling, you’re sensational
Love me, love me, love me long

Darling, you’re my sensation
You gave me sensations
Oooh, sensations…

As usual, I love this song and couldn’t find the lyrics, so here they are. Here’s to hoping that I’ll some day find the woman to listen to this song with, huddled together on a couch some dark winter evening.