Loud Music

The neighbors seem to have a penchant for loud music. Reggaton and other various Spanish-language music. I have taken a liking to reggaton and can appreciate Spanish music. But I’d much rather listen to Tommy Roe or Johnny Cash. At a reasonable volume. Especially when it’s 0130 hrs. That’s simply 1:30AM (yes, in the morning, an hour past midnight) for you 12-hour clock people.

I’m all for having a good time, but enough is enough. These bastards have been at it since at least 2200 hrs. Their music is turned up high enough so that it’s Loud and Clear. It’s enough to distract me from my my Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 speakers at half volume. The worst thing is that these assholes can’t seem to shut the hell up until 0300 hrs. I’ve made more than enough complaints through 311 and apparently they don’t learn their lesson. Actually, I haven’t kept track of the service request numbers they give you. I figure it’s pretty useless. I’m sure the precinct has more than enough on their plate. I just wish that someone else could deal with it. Maybe the police auxiliary. I don’t know…The funny thing is that I can kind of predict when these problems are going to occur. The neighbors are like crickets: the hotter it gets, the louder their music is, the longer their parties last.FUCK YOUR KARAOKE. You’re not good enough to go on Mexican Idol. FUCK YOUR MC. He’s interrupts at the most awkward times. FUCK YOUR DJ. The only way he can move a crowd is if he yelled “Fuego!”. FUCK YOUR BARBECUE. I don’t need to smell charcoal. And FUCK YOUR SOUND SYSTEM. It’s a piece of shit. The highs are muddy and the lows lack presence. Fuck these guys. Fuck ’em in the ear.Is it too much to ask to end the loud music at a reasonable time??? Are these people just socially retarded? It’s fucking 0200 hrs now…what the fuck is wrong with them? Are they deaf or what? Your house is not a fucking club. It is a residential area. People have to go to sleep. I don’t know if other people in the area call in to complain, but I sure would hope so. You can party all fucking day and night if you want, but have the courtesy to end the loud music when people are reasonably expected to sleep. Like midnight.

I’m prone to go on a racist rant, but I’m not really racist. I’m just very frustrated and angry as hell. Sometimes I’m on the verge of taking matters into my own hands. I should go buy some revenge books. Goddamned neighbors…

The author has acknowledged that the cursing was a little excessive, but that goes up in direct relation to the bullshit he has to put up with.