Honesty is a virtue. Some think it possible to be honest to a fault. I don’t believe honesty to be anything to be afraid of. One particular thing that bothers me is how people are afraid of honesty. Particularly in relationships. People find it so hard to break off a relationship that just isn’t working. Instead, either party may stay in it, wondering when and how they can extract themselves from the relationship. In fact, some may even stay in it until they find something better, creating opportunity for infidelity and heartbreak.

Honesty is incredibly important in all aspects of life, but especially so when dealing with something as intimate as a romance between two people. Honesty is hard to come by. Most people actually don’t know what they want but make out like they do. In online dating, people can’t even decide whether or not to close the match. If there is something that just doesn’t click, just be honest: tell the other person, or if you can’t stomach it, just close the match. I can understand the hesitance if it was done face to face, but it’s only a click of a button people. If you don’t like me, just close the match. It’s a simple concept. I’m a big boy: I’m not going to cry home to mommy because Jane says that she doesn’t like me. I don’t like being on the fence. Just make a choice. Give me that small courtesy.Honesty is a virtue. It means being true and clear. It doesn’t just mean that you do not lie. It doesn’t just mean that you tell the truth when someone asks you a question. It means telling yourself the truth, and sharing that with the people you deal with. Honesty is, unfortunately, something we rarely see nowadays.