I came across the MySpace page of some relatively attractive girl. I’m sure she is fond of getting attention. No MySpace page would be complete without photos, and those she has in abundance. Many of them are of her in some sort of revealing top, exposing her cleavage and whatnot. Without fail, these are the photos that get the most comments: upwards of a hundred and with more to come I’m sure. This girl also has too many “friends”.

But my rant is not about her.

It’s about those morons who actually write insidiously insipid comments like these.

wow you’re really fucking pretty.
you are beautiful
OMG WOW number pls
you are so damn pretty
ur really hot
nice “tats” ;)
you’re hot!!!
id give my left nut to be with you

You get the point. What the fuck are these guys doing? Don’t they have anything better to do??? There they are, sitting in their boxers, probably rubbing themselves at this girl’s photos, using one of their hands to write these retarded comments. Note that most of the comments don’t go over four words.

Just stop. Please, don’t embarrass yourself. Do you think that by telling her what she already knows that you are going to get to spend some time with her? What is the motivation for these jackasses? Some of the comments even try to get her to talk with them. THERE IS NO REASON, absolutely NONE, for her to talk with you. Look at the implications: you’re begging her to talk to you through MySpace. You’re just drooling over her because you saw a photo showcasing her breasts. It’s ridiculous. On a side note, I do find girls like her attractive. There’s something about the girl who plays with the color of her hair, the one with a couple of simple piercings. The girl who walks around at 3 AM, half-drunk, making a ruckus. Think Clementine from The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I can’t quite put my finger on it though…perhaps it is the strong personality and individuality that her type possesses. The funny thing is that it would be hard to imagine a stodgy conservative fellow with someone like that. On the other hand, I don’t have a particular type, and I have seen the most unlikely of pairings, so one can never really tell. At least I’m not a mope like Joel Barish.

I do remember finding myself in a situation like Mr. Barish though. When I was first broken hearted (oddly enough, it took six months for it to settle in) I was hurt. I felt like forgetting that it ever happened. I felt cheated, bitter, lost, and wanting for answers. I wished that that she could’ve been erased from my memory…what she did to me screwed me up pretty badly. Well, at least that was the way I felt at the time. But I came to the same conclusion that Joel did. The memories of good times are well worth the pain. What defines us are our experiences, and at the very least, I found out to what extent I was capable of loving.

Time heals all wounds though, and I’ve long since enjoyed clear eyes and an open heart. Wait a second, that’s the motto of the Dillon Panthers in Friday Nights Lights.