I think it’s done for now. The changes to my blog that is. Since I’m often up at the wee hours of the morning, when everything is dark, I dislike web pages that are mostly white. It hurts my eyes,and I hate adjusting the brightness every night. With that in mind, I adjusted the color scheme, matching it with the photo of my large Moleskine journal. Yes, I can read what I wrote in that new logo, and yes, it’s kind of personal. But I suppose I don’t really care…what’s past is past. Not much is revealed anyway. I took the photo with my Canon Digital Rebel XSi, kit lens, the only modification being a slight desaturation due to the bad decision to go with incandescent white balance. Oh, and of course a crop. I had taken a similar photo back then with my now broken Sony Cybershot P10 point and shoot. Of course, the blurring was done in editing for the original photo, but not so with my SLR and it’s beautiful manual focus.

Overall, I like it better. It’s a little more visually interesting, readability is maintained without sacrificing style. The layout was retained, and one thing I’m proud of: I finally fixed the date (a custom addition to the theme) showing up on a new line in Internet Explorer. Now it looks right in both Firefox and Internet Explorer. As for the search box, for some reason the widget isn’t showing up, but I doubt anyone really searches the blog except for myself, so that’s a low priority. Frankly, this blog is more for myself than anything else, so it’s largely based on my own preferences.Addendum: I’ve since created two additional logos, ones that are a little less revealing. The current one is my more favored one, and I intend to keep it. Too bad I don’t know how to do an exact color match.