My school is migrating to Microsoft Exchange. It’s about time. The awesome thing is that they’ve got support for ActiveSync over the air. When my account is migrated, that means that I can cut somecosts. I’ll have to have everything forwarded to my school account. But firstly, I have to determine whether or not the help desk can help me set up an alias for sending mail: I still want to be ‘sending’ emails through my ‘corporate’ account.

Now, this means that I can either stay with BlackBerry using AstraSync (ActiveSync over BlackBerry), or move back to a Windows Mobile device. Astrasync is only $50 a year, coming out to $5 a month. I could save on my current Exchange + BlackBerry set up: it comes out to $18 a month right now. A massive amount of savings: $166 a year. I think I’d just pay the AstraSync fee and stay on a BlackBerry. I might also save on my T-Mobile fees, but I’m not sure yet. I have to check if there’s a difference between BES and BIS. Why does this matter? Apparently, AstraSync can handle everything via BIS.Exciting times…and if anything, I guess it wouldn’t be terrible if my outgoing emails are through my school: after all, my ‘corporate business’ is kinda slow right now.