[flv:acrossairSubway.mp4 480 360]
I can’t wait for iPhone OS 3.1 to come out. And it’s not because I want what’s in the new update. Sure, haptic feedback (which I thought should’ve been in therefrom the beginning) would be great, and voice control over Bluetooth would be nifty (though again, it should’ve been there already since I remember having such functionality on my T-Mobile Dash). But really, all I want is my augmented reality: enter the acrossair Nearest Subway application for the iPhone, released when iPhone OS 3.1 is released.

Oh, I just found MetrO, the application I loved ever since I got it on my very first Palm Pilot. I didn’t know they came out with the app, and it’s free too! An indispensable tool for any New Yorker.