I wonder, is serving a woman breakfast in bed so intimate a gesture that one may deny it of someone who is not romantically involved?

I believe in a life of service. I am humble and it is my great personal satisfaction to serve. In my eyes, serving one a meal in the comfort of their bed has no other attachments to it than the warmth of my friendship. I would do this for my friends, male or female. I would do this for any of my relatives. I do not find it to be an intimate act or gesture, but one of gratefulness and friendliness.

It is the same way I would hold the groceries for any females in my life, the same way I would offer to fix a computer or help move furniture; the same way I would offer to help with cooking or cleaning or yard work. It is done out of the goodness in my heart, yet it is twisted into something more.

Besides, if Jesus Christ offered to serve a woman breakfast in bed, would it be an act of intimacy? No, it is an act of service and humility, the same way I see it.

I can understand if one is very able to get up and about to do things that it might be an uncomfortable situation. But with an injury that prevents easy and comfortable mobility, one should feel better about accepting an offer of service, especially from one who is clearly pure of heart. I wonder if it would be different if I were a woman who were serving and not a man.