Happy Days 4×12


You’re fascinating. Tell me about yourself.
There’s not much to tell. I’m the best mechanic in a large Mid-Western city.
Well,you must have other interests.
(eyes her suggestively)

lol……..I may be able to imitate most of Fonzi’s mannerisms and speech patterns, but that part, with the unabashed interest in getting it on, that’s not me. It takes me a while to get that level of attraction to a lady. First things first: her personality.

In other news, I’m still trying to hunt down the perfect hair product. Right now I’m using American Crew Grooming Cream, high hold with high shine. I don’t know about the high shine though, so I may want to check out Molding Clay: high hold with medium shine. But more importantly, I still have to find a hair stylist/barber who knows how to cut my hair.

A quick search on Google Maps says there is one “beauty hair salon” six or seven blocks away from my school. It sounds kinda gay to be going to a hair salon, but hey, if they can cut my hair, I wouldn’t care. Guess I’ll check it out some time.