I’m starting to notice a terrible habit of mine…

It’s past midnight. I’m a little bored, figure I’m going to go to sleep. Then something comes over me. Firefox is open, so I hit Control-T.I type in chemistry, Ctrl-Enter. Control-T. I type in match. Ctrl-Enter.

I log in to my dating sites and check out my new matches, etc. And then I remind myself that I’ve given up on dating. At least the online way. I always have to remind myself these things. It’s a bad habit. A terrible one.

I think to myself, how is it possible? All these matches, and no dates? I can guarantee that I’m no ugly chud of a guy. Objectively, I could be rated anywhere from a 6 to a 7, and a 7.5 if you wanna stretch it and count the awesome way I dress. In terms of personality, I think that there’s no contest: I’m smart and sensitive, observant. I’m romantic. But I’m also tough. I am a leader and I know what I want. I’m confident and mature. Okay, so I’m not funny, but I’ve got a good sense of humor and laugh a lot.Then you take the goofballs who talk in ghetto-speak, who have nothing but a false sense of bravado and a facade of toughness. You have these incompetent underachievers with no sense of respect, the kind of guy who wants get his nut off and leave it at that.You get the picture. My point is, in this world, with the dating pool in its current condition, I am beyond a doubt a very good prospective boyfriend. Which leads me to an examination of my situation.

Perhaps it has nothing to do with me. It has nothing to do with my character traits. Instead, I have to look at the context. Gladwell in The Tipping Point pointed me in the right direction: this is in all likelihood a case of Fundamental Attribution Error. I have to look at the circumstances in which I reside, rather than personal factors.

That, I will ponder on at a later time. Off to try to sleep. Lunch for tomorrow: probably a tasting menu of a new restaurant that appeared on Delivery.com. I hope their cheeseburgers are good…

I’ve written about the things that factor into my status as single, you can read it here!