I’m running a little late and felt like taking it easy. I didn’t feel like rushing around between subway stations and waiting around. So I called up this Indian fellow named Sonny. He’s my go-totaxi guy.

If I had the money, I’d take a cab to class every day. Although I can’t read due to what is probably car sickness, I do enjoy being able to just close my eyes and relax.

I ended up 5 minutes late, which was kind of stupid. If I had just hustled myself over to the train station, I probably would’ve made it in time. But then again, the stress of the crowded New York City subways, especially on a rainy day, was a rather strong deterrent.

I like Sonny. He actually gave me a call just now to see if I was good to go despite my lateness. Of course, he was also calling to let me know he was in the area and to see if I needed a ride. But it was very good of him to ask.

Earlier, during the cab ride, I noticed that he had installed a surveillance camera. I asked him about it. I know that most people will not bother with any security measures until they’ve been victimized, be it personal security, perimeter security for their home, or anything else. And I was right: Sonny had apparently recently been robbed by a black fellow with a big knife. He told me the story, and it made me angry, but I was glad that he wasn’t hurt. His cousin had also been robbed, but he had a video camera at the time. He went to the TLC and submitted the video evidence, and apparently the perp is now wanted by the NYPD.We got close to my destination, and I decided that I’d give him a little extra. The ride would’ve been $30, $5 cheaper than if I called it in with an actual cab company. I threw in an extra $10 there, and as I left the cab, I genuinely wished him a safe and productive day.In other news, I have a date on Saturday with a girl I met on Chemistry. Hopefully, this one pans out better. I actually wouldn’tve met her had I been more conscientious about cancelling my subscription. It keeps renewing, and it’s pretty gotdang costly, about $35 a month in three month blocks. With any luck, I’ll cancel my subscription after I meet this girl.

As usual, my profile is rather specific, and relatively lengthy. It paints a pretty clear picture of who I am. And as usual, my prospective date’s profile is rather short and unrevealing. Thusly, my goal is to elicit her values, find out more about her, and determine whether or not there is even a remote chance of a relationship. Not that I’m so gotdang hopeful, but at least with this girl, she’s seeking a committed relationship.

I think I’ve run out of things to write…guess I’ll just read on my Kindle now.

P.S. These two guys sitting at the table next to me are having lunch…what it is, I don’t know because I haven’t looked over yet. But it smells greasy, reminds me of public school food. Good old days…