[flv:SayakaAlessandra_Sukiyaki.flv 320 240]

While searching for covers of one of my latest favorite songs (Sukiyaki by Kyu Sakmoto, with the original title being Ue o muite arukō), I discovered Ms.Sayaka Alessandra. And boy, what a set of pipes she’s got! I only wish she had the music playing, then it’d be perfect (original song below, even better, I promise). I was excited to see that she was into oldies music and went on a YouTube spree sampling her covers of songs I knew.

I only wish I could go to live concerts of performances of my favorite songs, but considering that I listen to mostly the 50’s and 60’s, the chances are slim that I’d have a chance to enjoy that music live and in person. I’m always looking for new performances of classics that I love. If I had my way, I’d fly this lady in for my wedding. That’s the only time I’d get a chance or excuse to listen to her perform. That is unless I could find out where she’s performing, then perhaps a road trip would be in order. Then again, that’d only be fun if I had a girlfriend…maybe I ought to go work on that. If only I could find another girl who liked oldies.Below is the original Suki Yaki by Mr. Sakomoto.[flv:KyuSakmoto_Sukiyaki.flv 320 240]